Every customer is a potential finance buyer. Success comes from offering a solution that the customer can understand and accept as reasonable. It is the customers’ job to decide what is best for them. Always assume that the customer will be more likely to say “yes” to an affordable payment as opposed to an affordable purchase. This is especially so where the finance terms are reasonable, and the process is uncomplicated. We all live our lives this way.

By training your tech or salesperson to use seller financing as a tool, as a closing solution, they will not only be better able to make the sale, they will be better at up selling the customer and or increasing the dollar value of each sale they make. The customer views this type of transaction as an opportunity to gain better or more value at a reasonable monthly payment and you will see this as an opportunity to increase gross sales and dramatically improve cash flow. Through seller financing you are better able to provide all your customers with the opportunity to take advantage of your services.

If you are already delivering on payments and offering financing, do more of it. Train your staff to be comfortable with the financing process and encourage them to explain it in simple terms to your customers. The key to this strategy is to make the customer comfortable in their buying decision. If you are not using seller financing hopefully you are my competitor!

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