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Importance of Hiring

When to Hire

The questions for me were, “When do I hire?” and “Who should I hire?”. 

I found that I did in fact need the help when it comes to service. I hired as demand required it and making sure that every service call is being filled and scheduled promptly.

Values & Representation

As I hired I made it an important fact that the understanding of the company was about service oriented and the quality of service mattered. I really wanted to emphasize with each and everyone that I do hire the values of the company and to keep training on those values so that it will reflect well on the company as a whole.  You really want to have your employees to represent your company well and to do the right thing, putting customers first and having them feel valued.

Welcome your new hires

The other part of the hiring process is introducing the employees to the team so they feel valued and part of the growing family you are putting together. Those small things matter. An employee that feels valued will most likely be a long loyal employee that will grow with your company's success. Additionally, they will be motivated in staying with your company for the long run.

Following through the process

Once the extensive training I go through with all new hires, is that I make sure I keep them busy and assign them task.  I want to make sure I am taking full advantage of their time that I am paying them for and making sure it comes back as a rewarded return. I will give them enough tasks and assignments that it will keep them multi-tasking. After assigning tasks, I will give a couple of days to make sure I will follow up with everything, so that we are on the same page with communication and it shows that I care about the given tasks. That is one of the most important part is following through and making sure that those task are getting done and getting done correctly. Even if there are slow times find creative ways to keep them busy, giving employees flyers to go door to door and creating awareness is something I take advantage of. Or, If one employee is out for a job, then have them take an extra employee to that area to pass out flyers.

Get Rewarded with hard work

Your job, after the hiring process, is to make sure you are keeping everyone busy with task so that the rewards will pay off. The next article in this section I will be talking about a tough topic, ending employment and when, and why to do it. So stay tuned and follow along and subscribe to the articles so you don't miss out on important topics and discussions.  If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below.

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