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Operating Manuals are the Answer!

With expert Al Levi
Everyone Doing Things Their Way Rather than Your Way?
….Bet They Are!
Operating Manuals are the Answer!

When home service industry expert Al Levi walked through my door the first thing he asked me for were my manuals. I had one. Sort of. It was dusty.

Al proceeded to educate me on all the opportunities I was missing because my CSRs, dispatchers, and technicians didn’t have manuals and so weren’t working together in what Al calls the “triangle of communications.”

You know what I mean. People showing up at your door asking the same questions over and over. Losing time and profit because you have to send someone out to fix a job wasn’t done right. The knock on your door at 5 p.m. by someone looking for a raise.

Al worked with me to create and implement operating manuals for these three roles, which as you know, are the most important roles in any home service company. He also helped me finally nail down the organizational chart I’d been working for for years.

The best part: I didn’t have to start from scratch. Al had operating manual templates that we were able to customize so that now my CSRs, dispatchers, and techs have a guide for 80 percent of what they need to be doing—leaving me and my managers free to deal with the other 20 percent as it arises. And he had templates for the organization chart, too.

Here’s the thing. I opted to pay Al thousands to help us get our manuals in place. It was worth it but I know you may not have that kind of dough to spend right now.

That’s why I had to tell you about Al’s new online course. It’s amazing. There are 23 lessons where he walks you through the exact process for building the first three operating manuals for your company and the course comes with templates for three types of org charts and the three most important manuals for your company -- CSR, Dispatcher, and Technician. You just have to watch the videos (they’re short) and follow his directions.

The Build Your Operating Manuals Online Course comes complete with everything you need to get operating manuals into place so you can run your contracting business with less stress and more success.

  • 3 fully integrated manuals for the key roles —CSR, Dispatcher, and Technician.
  • 23 instructional video lessons and 13 demonstration videos.
  • 60+ page workbook and 12 handouts for note taking and future reference.
  • 3 sample organizational charts you can use to manage and map career paths.
  • Audio-only version of the course so you can listen on the go.
  • Option to purchase up to 28 additional manuals upon completion of the course.
  • And much, much more. All for the investment of $2,499. (A fraction of what I paid!)

PLUS Get 10% off by using my coupon code manualsTM

Start Your Operating Manuals Today!

Still not sure?

Manual Sneak Peak:

Remember to use the coupon code manualsTM to get 10% off. That’s a savings of $249.99!

Want to hear from someone else who swears by the effectiveness of these manuals? Check out Al’s interview with this guy.

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Operating Manuals Are The Answer

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