The Ultimate Home Service Course - Home Service Millionaire

The Ultimate Home Service Course


Learn how to expand and grow your business with Tommy Mello & also with some of the world's best entrepreneurs with these courses. Enrollment is limited to the 1st lucky 100 sign ups.


Here's what you'll Learn:

The Home Service Millionaire home study course modules ($2997 value)
  • Home Service Millionaire = HSM 101 – 3.0 hours of education

  • Home Service Millionaire = HSM 201 – 2.3 hours of education

  • Home Service Millionaire = HSM 301 – 3.3 hours of education

  • Mobile Video and Photography – 4.3 hours of education

  • Facebook 101 – 4.9 hours of education

  • Instagram – 4.8 hours of education

  • TOTAL = Over 22 hours of education

Bonus 1

FOUR CONSECUTIVE WEEKS of LIVE mentoring with Tommy Mello ($1500 value)
  • Structured curriculum designed for maximum increased performance

  • Weekly learning assignments with reviews to maximize content understanding

  • Weekly practical exercises with follow up and review to insure personal results in a very short time span

  • Weekly accountability reviews held the following week to keep you on the fast track

  • Archived sessions if you are unable to attend LIVE. Viewable as often as desired.

Bonus 2

TWO CONSECUTIVE MONTHS of LIVE follow up ($1500 value)
  • Progressive follow up sessions designed to track personal and business performance levels

  • Post BOOT CAMP planning sessions designed to insure the momentum continues in your business

  • Archived sessions if you are unable to attend LIVE. Viewable as often as desired.

Bonus 3

TOMMY’S Tool Box – Additional Resources($2,000 value)
  • Sample Organizational Chart – Helps you identify your personal responsibilities and gets you moving toward organizing your company.

  • Team Building Documents:

    1.  NDA/Non-Complete. An essential document to protect you and your business, plus may save you legal fees. (Value $500)

    2.  Severance Agreement. Protect your company from costly employee grievances after they are released from your employ. (Value $1,500)

Bonus 4

MASTERMIND SESSION – held at A1 Garage Door Corporate Facility ($4,000 value)
  • Receive a personal invite for 2 people (partner or spouse) to attend an exclusive VIP experience held at the new 30,000 square foot A1 Garage Corporate Headquarters.

  • Mastermind with the best in the Home Service industry. Share ideas, build contacts, learn game-changing techniques to explode your business.

    1. Build lifetime relationships with notable industry experts

    2. Enjoy the power of a peer-to-peer collective resources

  • Share your successes and challenges with the Mastermind in collaboration session hosted by Tommy Mello. Exit the Mastermind session with new ideas and personal solutions.

  • Be introduced to powerful tools directly from industry vendors

  • Hear from Tommy’s personal advisers, top professionals in the many various aspects of business, as they share advanced techniques to assist in growing your business


"This course has helped me tremendously with becoming more organized in my landscaping service, and the tools presented in the course has been a huge helpful resource in saving me tons of wasted spent time. I can now get this time back to MYSELF! I highly recommend this course."


"At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend time and money on this course but after hearing the other feed back, it was WELL worth it! I highly encourage others in the service businesses to take this course."


"Great course, well laid out and easy to follow. I benefited in many areas."



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