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The 8 Fundamentals for WOW-ing your Customer!

Have you ever wondered the secret to providing phenomenal customer experiences? You have probably been the recipient of great customer service if you’ve ever been to Disneyland, Sephora, or Chick-Fil-A. It isn’t just about the rides, the make-overs, or the food. It’s about the feeling that is created and remains with you even after you walk out the doors. It’s an emotion that keeps you going back for more regardless of how much money you spend. When you think about your favorite places to visit or do business with, picture what it is that keeps you loyal to them. It will probably come down to 3 things: you like them, you trust them, and you see their value.

In turn, you and your team need to be creating those same kinds of experiences if you want customers to keep coming back to you over and over. In order to do this, you need to develop the skills to be more likeable, become more trustworthy, and show more value. By following a set of 8 guiding principles, or universal truths, we begin to internalize what it means to connect with people and develop ourselves to be more effective.

Now let’s discuss what these 8 fundamental principles are:

1. Be Positive: You need to answer every phone call as if it were a Facetime call. Or begin every face to face conversation as if you were talking to your best friend. If you did that, what would happen? Well, you would smile. You would sit or stand up straight. You would be attentive and really listen to what the customer is saying. You would be enthusiastic and ask questions about their situation and how they are feeling. You need to develop a positive attitude, tone, and vocabulary. When you begin that conversation, it needs to sound like it is the most exciting thing you’ve done all day long!

2. Be Confident: Even if it is your first day on job and you have no experience- it’s okay! You can always sound confident. You need to focus on using positive phrases and create trust with the customer. Customers need to be reassured that you are the right person to be taking care of them. As you learn to express confident language, your internal confidence will increase daily. Phrases such as “I can absolutely help you with that!” are often used to create confidence.

3. Listen: You need to listen to customers, ask questions, repeat or rephrase what they say. You need to connect with them. There is a difference between listening and hearing. Customers need to like you if you want them to do business with you. You do that by engaging in a conversation and building rapport. It’s not just about the technical part of the job, it’s about their family and comfort.

4. Care: Customers are emotional. They have a lot going on- and now something in their home just broke. They’re overwhelmed. In order to be effective, you need to show care and empathy. They need to be connected with on an emotional level. You need to agree to the gravity to their situation, not apologize for it. Don’t be sympathetic. Instead, feel with the customer.

5. Give: Always say yes! Focus on what you can do for customers instead of what you cannot do. They want to know that they will be taken care of. You need to reassure them that they are in great hands. They can count on you! Say yes! Always find a way to help customers.

6. Ask: Asking the right questions not only helps you build rapport with customers, it helps you stay in control of your conversations. You need to ask the right questions, direct the conversation where you want it to go, and get the correct information so that you can set up your appointments, jobs, and follow-up.

7. Build Value: If you aren’t creating value in your company, you are missing a very important step in your relationships. If they see the value in you, your company, your services, and lastly your product, they will do business with you. You need to create and build that desire in others that this is the best decision they can make. Taking the time to educate customers on who you are will change your outcome every time.

8. Grateful: Customers should always feel appreciated. Gratitude is extremely powerful- it helps others be more patient and tolerable with you, especially when things to go exactly as planned or there is a mistake. Sincere appreciation fuels the good and loyal feeling you are creating between you and your customer.

Choose one of these principles that you are going to work on TODAY. Research and study it. Learn how to apply it to your business and life and watch your business go to the next level. Then choose the next one. Focus on improvement every day!

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