SEO is a beast

In today’s highly competitive market place SEO (search engine optimization) is not just necessary, it is vital to any effective marketing strategy. However, for SEO to be highly effective it should be implemented in conjunction with a strategic social strategy. People search for what they want or need but chose who they know, who they like, or think they like.

Plan A Strategy

The fastest way for contractors to start a marketing strategy to get leads is to dig into paid advertising, starting with the search engines (SEO). Start with Google AdWords, which has the lion’s share of the market. Then move into Bing or Yahoo. Bing is good place to start since there is less competition when bidding on keywords. It is possible to generate high quality leads at a lower cost than what you would typically find on Google. Google Ads is a better but potentially more costly option because it puts your company in front of people in your service area who are searching for your service and ready to buy. This strategy is especially effective if there is not a lot of competition in your geographic area. Google Ads is an easy way to pull in people already interested in your service.

The best formula utilizes both SEO, (Google, Bing or Yahoo) pay per click (PPC) advertising along with a social media campaign that utilizes Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn implementing a retargeting strategy and display ads. The best results come from leveraging both the benefits of SEO/PPC and Social Media.


Organic SEO

There is a lot that gets involved and a great deal to think about with organic SEO, This is the most time consuming processes of it all. There are many topics and books out there that covers precise areas alone. This area is just as important as all of the others. You'll want to implement as much as you can in organic SEO. You'll want to implement as much as you can in organic SEO. This is, in my opinion, the cut throat area of SEO and getting ranked. In the area of Home Service, search engines will be the most go to area of emergency service that the home owners want fixed right away. So, if your not ranking well then your business is not going to be found. There are companies out there such as that I recommend using, for those of who don't have a team put together for this area. You will definitely see a RIO and these companies will insure that.

Here's the short list of SEO to consider:

SEO Checklist

  • Lead Key Words
  • Blogging
  • Linking
  • Site Content
  • Site Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Result Tracking
  • Blog Networking
  • Local Maps SEO
  • GEO Tagging
  • Call Tracking
  • Ratings
  • Citations

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