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Stopping Bad Traits with these tips

Revive on weekends

Use your weekends wisely and stop your bad personal habits first: smoking, weekend drinking, and spending money to make an impression on others. Whatever your personal bad habits are, you will save yourself tons of money by being able to use your time wisely and being productive. Getting plenty of rest and putting the time into your weekends for your work planning, scheduling, and your business needs. But, that is not needed every single weekend, you can also use the time for relaxation. This lifestyle change and dedication can save you millions of dollars.

To stop your bad habits you have to strive and want success and have the encouragement and motivation that pushes you forward in your goals. So, ask yourself what outcome can you gain from by stopping your habits?  For me I wanted to have more success than to have temporary fun. The choice is yours to make of letting go of your nightmare habits, but I promise that it will change your life for the better case to increase productivity.

Seeking Hard Answers

It's important to know the hard answers to what isn't working so you know how and what to fix in someone else's eyes. In order to start breaking bad habits go to a few people you are closest to that will give you the most honest truthful responses to. What to ask? You’ll want to find out from them which part of your business and life needs improvement and which areas are unsafe and unfit to running a business. Have them be perfectly upfront with you about every aspect, knowing the painful truth helps you create action and you'll learn things you have know before.  Then, Ask them what what is the most annoying behaviors or habits of yours that drives them mad or annoys them the most. You will acknowledge new things and situation of yourself you may not have known. That will lead you into your own personal question and journey – Are you going to change your habits and change for the better, and drive a better business model?

Self Discipline

I would always cripple with not being strict with myself and most people do. I now have a clear understanding on why and what is my purpose I am striving for. I love to help others and teach them how to better thier life decisions and also to help improve their thought process from beginning to the end results. Once I had a clear understanding of my own goals and why it is necessary to abide by it, I set my goals and standards extremely high but enough to make it happen.

When I wake up each morning I remind myself of my purpose and each set goals so they are at the top of my list and at the front of my thinking for each day. This enables me to stay on task and make positive decisions through the entire day and not make bad choices or distract my way of thinking. Go through a check off list and see what you can improve on, what was the highlight of the day, and what are you most grateful of?

If you are aware of your daily actions and acknowledging it, will then help enforce good habits and changes. Then, when needed I’ll make necessary adjustments and improvements to the small things to help with a better tomorrow.

“Every time you state what you want or believe, you’re the first to hear it. It’s a message to both you and others about what you think is possible. Don’t put a ceiling on yourself.”

– Oprah Winfrey, media proprietor

Finding Questionless in yourself

Most bad habits will generate from lack of determination and not staying focused. I’ve had habits lead from uncertainty of my own objectives, incentives, and intentions.

Once my focus is set and I’ve stopped questioning myself of my wants; everything fell into the correct place. Keeping a journal helps track down day to day and login what to expect. I keep track record of my advancement daily, bi-weekly, and monthly for my personal goal as well as my professional goals.  Doing so, enables me to corrugate each day based on the area of focused interest and daily priorities.

It will be a tough challenge to maintain unhealthy habits if you are occupying yourself with good habits when you are monitoring your progress. With routine success requires checkpoints on your progress of your personal goals, your goals in business, goals in health, your goals in personal finances, and goals and effects on your relationships. The main key and trick is discovering how to build momentum and keeping it.

Understanding Thyself

One major way to free yourself of sour habits is to directly find out what creates the cause. By identifying which habits are bad and then isolate its cause and figure out what triggers it. You may have guessed it, the cause for most entrepreneurs of those habits are typically stress related habits.

You’ll need to change what the stress cause is, you’ll need to replace it with a more useful one that provides more benefits to you.  A good example would be to turn off the TV that would wasted time and turn around to a positive one with a short jog.

While having the issues of stress we need to change how we routinely deal with the cause. Eliminating what triggers our stress can require a lot of self control and routine commitment.  You will definitely give yourself a healthier lifestyle that are personally and business related more rewarding in the end of it all.

The Planning That Matters

When starting to go for jogs you may start to feel out of breath quickly through a one-mile run from being out of practice.  You may also need to adopt better eating and exercising habits to encourage a healthier life & for more energy. You’ll need say no to social activities that can distract you from your exercise or your destress routine. Pick up a good set of nutritious foods from fruits to lean proteins and vitamins, before you know it you’ll be in good standing to finish that one mile run or your other productive activities.

This same planning for better habits also applies the same way in business habits. When I work on a new project I will map out the plan for a victorious successful outcome and follow it throughout each step of the way that I had maped it out.  To stay tunnel-focused you may want to isolate yourself from distractions during specific times. Turn your phone to airplane mode, putting on headphones..etc. Putting it together with an attitude that will continue on until you reach your goals.

Actions Are Stronger Than Words

If your habits are in the way of your health, relationships, or success, then make a change and start something new. When starting a fresh new routine, keep telling yourself the more you do it, the strong you will be at it.  By being patient is the first step and then be in a mindful way of thinking of all the background voices in your head telling you otherwise.

The necessity to remember is that most of our habits and traits are controlled by our own thought process. You will pass by this process with a healthy set of routines and steady actions. Get professional help when needed, read up on your habit(s), and know that you can control your own thinking and how to control the process to break the habit. This may take serval attempts and multiple goals but don’t give up and tell yourself you can do it if you put your mind to it.

Starting Off With The Right Mindset

Most people will say to start off on the right foot. Which, that really means is to start out with the right mindset and you will start your day on the right foot guiding you where you need to be.

It’s extremely wise and important factor to get yourself into a proactive set of mind instead of a reactive state. Often, many, wake up each day to start reacting to their day. When you are reacting to a situation, it’s very easy to change back to old ways of bad habits and become less aware of it.

I recommend taking 20-35 minutes each day to yourself in the morning to focus on your mindset and your goals, that will enable to you stay focused and reminded of applishing your mindset and changing old habits into your good habits. Some examples might be to take a walk and watch the relaxing sunrise, play motivational upbeat music and visualize what you need to do and achieve for that day and take it one step at a time. This will put you in a good starting point for each days success.  

The Right Group Changes Advancements

Try coordinating with a different group of people to create better achievements. Let me tell you that all progress starts by truthfully being honest with yourself and explaining to others the truth. But when we share the truth publicly with a person or group that can hold us accountable to be committed to your goals and in doing so a better job at it. You’ll then start to see breakthrough success. Change happens in groups.

Do Something Out Of The Required Norm

Let's say you are normally focused and determined in one particular area of interested that you are familiar with and used to, but on the other hand there are those tasks that are required that are out of your norm such as reading the balance sheets for instance.  Get yourself in the habit and taking the time to understand your balance sheets. This is something that is important and a good habit you should be involved in. Break the bad habit of having a mindset of doing what you love money will follow, because that is not true. Following the numbers will tell the truth and that will make you even more a creative person.

It’s challenging to always to do what is right and what is expected of you all the time but you can always be truthful to yourself and ask: Will this action push me forward in my ultimate goals?

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